30 reasons why I write. Every single day.

1. If I don’t create, I won’t affect the world around me.

2. Writing is the minimum viable product of my life.

3. There’s no despair that can’t be held at bay with words.

4. When people ask what I do, I have something to point to.

5. Having a career and paying bills is treading water for me — writing gives me a purpose.

6. I have stories I need to tell and beliefs I need to share.

7. Writing can change lives, and there are lives that need to be changed.

8. If I don’t challenge myself, I will atrophy — without writing, my legacy would be a very well curated Netflix library.

9. My writing is my own roadmap — it helps me find my way.

10. I write to meet people and to connect with others who I might never have had any contact with otherwise.

11. Some might say sharing and creating the written word is the entire point of the Internet.

12. Because I fucking love the way simple letters look on a minimalist background.

13. Writing is the only career that has ever felt right to me. When I write I belong.

14. My readers are creatives and artists and entrepreneurs who are making incredible things. When I can inspire them, I play a part in their process.

15. All my family write. And always have. It connects us all.

16. Writing enables me to discover things about myself that I never knew.

17. Right now, we are drafting the future of digital publishing — I wouldn’t trade my place in that for anything.

18. Writing is its own form of innovation.

19. Writing is a skill that can be applied to and is needed by every industry, technology and platform.

20. Being able to communicate our ideas down through history through the written word is one of the greatest accomplishments of humanity, and any time any of us commit to writing, we are continuing in that tradition, and I refuse to believe that there is zero worth and value to that practice.

21. There’s an honesty that comes out when I put pen to paper that strips away some of my pretensions and allows me to be myself…

22. Writing demonstrates more than just an ability to put words on a page — it shows dedication, project management and marketing. It can be a point of professional differentiation.

23. Writing can help me relax and breathe and take stock of my life.

24. People want and need great content, they’re reaching out for it and searching for it.

25. No matter how old I get, even when I’m too weak to do much else, I’ll be able to write.

26. It stops me from being bored in a way that TV can never quite match.

27. Because there are some incredible words out there that are fucking fun to write. Like floccinaucinihilipilification. I don’t even know what that means, but I love it.

28. My thoughts are my own and could never come the same way from anyone else. Because everyone is unique. That’s amazing.

29. Because it gives me something to do on the train.

30. I want people to one day look up to me the way I look up to the writers that I love and respect. I know that sounds egotistical, but I don’t care. It’s honest. I have a fucking ego. Sue me.

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