Apeshit Labs x MPHAYC x Bleep Roadmap 2022

The idea behind Apeshit Labs has always been to present an NFT art movement, community, and concept that challenges centralization and power structures and emphasizes accessibility above all else; there are no barriers for entry or exit on the Apeshit Labs platform. It’s an attempt to take back power from centralized entities that determine what is on sale, how it’s priced, and how accessible it is. By decentralizing art through a completely community-driven, open-source, and copyright agnostic ethos, we can create an art movement that has no limits, no barriers, and complete artistic freedom.

One of the key parts of that vision was the MPHAYC drop; our mission statement was clear. Zero yachts. No clubs. No metadata. No rarity chasing. No Rolling Stone covers. No credibility. No in-crowd. All Solana.

With these objects, we aimed to shift your paradigm by showing you the simplicity of the tokenization movement itself, while questioning the cult-like phenomenon of over-inflated apes. As an OG Phunk holder, this is something that is close to my heart, and being a part of this movement mattered deeply to me.

Our MPHAYCs sold out in 24 hours; that was an incredible experience. We made sure the drop was as accessible as possible, with a 0.07 mint price and only 2.5% royalties on trading. Our volume made us one of the most popular Solana projects right after launch, and despite being flagged by Magic Eden as a result of negativity from communities who see us as a rival rather than a meme with meaning, we have maintained constant and consistent trading volume.

On the back of that drop, we also released Bleeps, a 5k free mint on Solana that has captured the imagination of thousands of folks who love NFTs, love decentralization, and love creative freedom.

As we look to the future, I wanted to share the roadmap for the next 3 months that we have at Apeshit Labs that will encompass and include holders of Bleeps and MPHAYCs.


  • NPHL Mint

This is something we’ve been working on for a while. It’s called the Non-Player Haters League, aka Phunk Phootball. We are releasing a 10,000 PFP drop combining Punks with fictionalized NFL teams, with a fantasy football league launching at mint out, featuring cash prizes, giveaways etc.

All MPHAYC holders will be whitelisted for this drop; meaning almost half of the collection could be owned and held by our community off the bat. Considering the immense success of MPHAYC, we see this as being a huge value proposition to our holders, as we anticipate a strong launch.

Art has been completed, and we are working towards the launch. Our Twitter account is active and live, and our Discord has already been opened. MPHAYC team member and MVP JPEG will be working with us on the NPHL mint as well.

At mint, the top 10 holders of MPHAYC by volume will qualify to be NPHL team owners. Every week, throughout at least the first season, a snapshot will be taken, and the highest traded team in terms of secondary market sales will qualify its owner for a percentage of all royalty sales for that week.

  • Into the Metavoid Solana launch

In the spirit of our cross-chain philosophy and our love for the Solana ecosystem, we have begun migrating our initial Ethereum projects to Solana, and launching our remix of the Adidas NFT, Into the Metavoid as a Solana mint will be a core part of that move.

  • PHAYCOUT NFT Streetwear Drop

We will be launching a free collection of NFT wearables as the first glimpse of our metaverse streetwear label, PHAYCOUT. This will be a completely free mint, only for members / holders of MPHAYC. Designs are in progress and will be shared within the next 2 weeks.


  • $Bleep Token

This is probably the piece that most folks will get excited by. We are working on the Bleep Token which can be used to acquire our entire collection, as well as any NFTs that are created under Apeshit Labs, with staking as a part of the roadmap.

50% of $Bleep will be distributed to all addresses that hold MPHAYCs and / or Bleeps. The snapshot will be taken on January 26 2022.

The distribution is based on the total number of NFTs held in either collection; holders of MPHAYC and Bleeps will have equal opportunity and equal access to the token. Users have until March 1, 2022 to claim their tokens, after which any remaining tokens will be spent on Chicken McNuggets and / or the wider market.

The market cap for the $Bleep token will be decided by a community vote. Our current plan is $69,420, 666 because degen. However, a normalised marketcap of 130,000,000 may be preferred.

  • Bleep PHAYCs original PFP art drop

To celebrate the launch of the token, we will be dropping our first original art PFP, combining 5,000 brand new Bleeps with new PFP characters, created in-house. This PFP drop will be whitelisted for holders of Bleeps specifically. A snapshot will be drawn from the token snapshot. We will be releasing preview images of the art soon.

  • Metavoid NFT Wearable Drop

Every holder of Into the Metavoid on both Ethereum and Solana will receive 4 non-physical items. An NFT void-beanie wearable, tracksuit, set of headphones, and nihilistic T-shirt.


Our march-April to-do list will depend on the success of our execution throughout January and February, but this is what we’re currently looking at.

  • $Bleep staking
  • Apeshit grants to fund NFT drops and art collections
  • Bleep PHAYCs 1:1 art pieces minting, as collaborations with established artists, paid through a commission with pieces auctioned one by one.

We could not be more excited about the next few months. I personally want to thank everyone for supporting our punk rock, community-focused, meme joking, shitposting, art-driven weirdness. It’s been a beautiful start to the year, and I love every single one of you.






Chaotic good. Award winning creative director & writer, ft. in Wired, Inc, SF Chronicle, TNW. Founder thisisstudioself.com ✨

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Joan Westenberg

Joan Westenberg

Chaotic good. Award winning creative director & writer, ft. in Wired, Inc, SF Chronicle, TNW. Founder thisisstudioself.com

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