Elliott Wave Patterns In NFT Trades

  1. Whales. These are the heavily invested, successful NFT traders. They have large pools of ETH to play with, and they will ape into a promising project, bringing follower traders into play.
  2. NFT ecosystem traders. These are experienced buyers/sellers who understand basic NFT principles, watch the movements of whales and the signals from platforms like OpenSea and Discord, and will attempt to make informed decisions.
  3. Quick traders. These are folks who are entering — and often exiting — the NFT market at high speeds, normally as a result of media coverage, and often in pursuit of short-term gains and wealth. They are unseasoned, inexperienced, and prone to panic.

What I want to get into today is the Elliott Wave Principle.



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Joan Westenberg

Joan Westenberg


Chaotic good. Award winning creative director & writer, ft. in Wired, Inc, SF Chronicle, TNW. Founder thisisstudioself.com