Get in the Van.

Joan Westenberg
7 min readDec 15, 2023

Some people still wait for the world to be handed to them. They want to be discovered, be an overnight success, want some company or celebrity to come down from the mountain top, and give them a free ticket.

It’s about waiting for gatekeepers to permit them to make, build, create and dream. And I know exactly where that comes from. It’s the story we’re sold. You become a viral celebrity and get signed by a company that gives you your show. It’s the same story we get sold repeatedly about lucky people being given their lucky break. And you know what the story is intended to do? Help the powerful stay powerful. Help the rich stay rich. Keep you grateful and controlled.

Waiting for permission, a handout, and the golden people to let you in perpetuates the idea that someone should be allowed to control access to creativity and entrepreneurship. That kind of thing serves the corporations and the curators pretty well. It lets them keep playing a massive part in the supply chain. It allows them to keep owning what we consume and when we consume it. It lets them hold the narrative. It enables them to own everything. It lets them own you.

What’s the alternative? Go indie. Stay indie. Don’t give in.

I don’t see a reason to wait for permission. Permission isn’t coming. Nobody is going to turn around and say, “You know what? Now, you’re allowed to