How to build an Web3 community people give a shit about

  1. Your requirements become aspirational, driving interest and demand for your community. This is often the goal for Web3 companies, but with this comes a heightened level of expectation once members jump every hurdle and join. Your requirements become a barrier to entry, preventing people from joining your community. This can limit your community’s growth and make it difficult to achieve critical mass.
  2. Your requirements become a turn-off for community members who don’t want to or cannot meet them. This can make people feel like they’re not good enough or don’t belong, making them less likely to participate.

Beliefs Create Expectations. This Is Good And Bad.

  • The group should provide you with a sense of belonging. You should feel like you’re part of a meaningful community with people who care about you.
  • The group should challenge you to grow and improve. You should have people who will push you to do and be better than you are now.
  • The group should help you get what you want out of life. You should have people focused on helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Belonging Matters

Summing up



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Joan Westenberg

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