No, you can’t pick my brain. You can do this instead…

The “can I pick you brain” email is one that I get all the time. And I dread it. Not because I hate talking to people. Not because I don’t want to answer questions. Not because I don’t want to help.

Simply because it’s a frustrating approach.

Email someone and ask them your top 2 questions. Numbered out. Clearly stated. And never, ever more than 2.

Here’s a template for it:

Hi,I’m George Weasley. I found you through your blog on Medium, and I wanted to reach out. I’m building a small joke shop business in Diagon Alley and I had some questions.1. How would you show you’re different from a competitor?
There’s already several joke shops in my niche, and while I know what makes us different, it’s hard to communicate that to our customers. We want to show that we’re more inventive and more original.
2. How can we sell to our target market when they’re at school most of the year?
Our best customers are Hogwarts students, but they’re at school for most of the year, and I’m not sure how to reach them. An e-commerce solution won’t work, because this is the Harry Potter world and the internet isn’t big right now. Also, Muggle technology doesn’t work there.
Thanks so much for your time!G.W.

Here’s the key:

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