Simpz Ex Machima: Eldritch F**ked Up Simpsons Art

Simpz Ex Machima is an extension of the “Apeshit Cinematic Universe”. I have been working to create a warped and evolving AI-driven exploration of 90’s pop culture through the lens of the Simpsons and the remix and derivative cultural movements of the NFT community.

This project was bootstrapped through a transcultural exchange with animators and local pop culture creators.

Over five years, I have crafted an immersive world that includes fanfiction, digital paintings, music videos, and net art. Simpz Ex Machima is the foundation for my exploration into subverting viewer expectations around pop culture originality, drawing on my Apeshit collection’s successful mint.

The project was born out of my interest in appropriation, the relationship between art and commerce, and the cultural power granted to nostalgia.

Simpz Ex Machima was inspired by popular 90’s television programs such as The X-Files, Pokemon, and The Simpsons, as well as my own childhood experiences and the dark mythos of Cthulhu. The name draws on a mashup of properties and lexicography and integrates the idea of double life or double consciousness through an AI program and the concept of machima.

The Simpz ex Machima roadmap focuses on art, community, and creativity over utility or tokenomics experiments. The collection aims to find and sustain value through creativity itself, rather than a tokenomics experiment, an open-source art project built by the community, for the community. There are no “get rich quick” schemes or incentives to flip a token.

The private mint is open now for Discord members and Pizza Party subscribers.

There are 4,000 unique Simpz NFTs in the collection, minting at 0.045ETH.


Thanks again for going with me on this journey.

I hope you stick around, and I hope I can find a way to help all of you as we transition into Web3 on a grand scale.