Stop Hero Worshipping Billionaires.

Because billionaires aren’t perfect people.

And yet, we hold them up that way, all the time. All the f*cking time.

I mean honestly. They haven’t achieved anything on their own. Yet we let their stories eclipse the people who contributed to their success.

Being rich doesn’t make you a genius, being successful at building one company doesn’t mean everything else you do is going to be successful, and none of that makes you a perfect human.

Here are the keys to this post.

  • Stop reading lists and listening to podcasts about the top characteristics of billionaires and stop basing your dreams and milestones on ‘em.
  • Remember that business isn’t really about geniuses and visionaries and perfect people, it’s about hard work and a lot of effort.
  • Focus on collaborating with people, not on being better than them, or about being a superhuman.
  • Don’t waste your time idolizing people for being rich. Spend your time learning from successful businesses and what makes a successful business tick.



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