The Divas of Ethereum

What do you think of when you hear the word “diva”? Powerful, talented, and inspiring women come to mind. The women who don’t follow the rules, who make their own path, and who dare to be different.

Divas are strong, independent women who know what they want and go after it. They are passionate about their beliefs and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Divas are incredibly creative individuals who are constantly pushing the boundaries and thinking outside of the box.

I believe that the women of Ethereum are all of these things and more. That’s why I created a collection of NFTs that celebrate their achievements and contributions to the crypto community, by creating a new vision for the iconic cryptopunks that elevates the women of Ethereum to their rightful place. I’m proud of creating an open-source drop that challenges the status quo and celebrates the achievements of these inspiring women.

The 0xDivas NFTs are a set of 3333 derivative works based on the original cryptopunk NFTs. It’s a collection I reverse engineered from cryptopunk traits; each Diva has a unique combination of punk values that make up her DNA. Approaching the aesthetic, I wanted to bring traits and rarity to a wider representation of the femme demographic in crypto. There’s something simple, fun, and powerful about a group of diverse women owning their own image, data, and assets and being unapologetic about it, and that’s what I want to communicate.

The 0xDivas NFTs are meant to be a community-owned project, with all proceeds from sales going towards an Ethereum foundation that supports women in crypto. Please support the cause and buy some Divas!

Thank you for

Each cryptodiva has been carefully selected to represent a different aspect of the Ethereum community. From developers and researchers, to artists and entrepreneurs, these PFPs are intended to allow women to see and feel themselves as a core part of Web3.

There is no official discord. No official roadmap. But also — there are no official limits.

The 0xDivas were created to be built on, flipped, remixed, redesigned, and remade in any image, vision, or paradigm. It’s a way of expressing femininity within the Ethereum community that is free, intersectional, and inclusive.

The 0xDivas are more than just a collection of pretty faces; they’re more than just a girl-boss re-brand. They are a new way to think about how we value women in the Ethereum community and a reminder that they are an essential part of our ecosystem.

The drop has launched in a tiny way and will continue to grow and expand over time. I’ve started with just a handful of Divas on Ethereum, but there are so many more that deserve to be celebrated.

I hope you enjoy the 0xDivas. In order to make the 0xDivas as punk as possible, I decided that they should be minted at close to cost. This way, anyone can own a Diva, and they can trade her or use her in whatever way they see fit. They’re a 0.01 ETH mint — no cash grab, no bullshit. 🖤




Chaotic good. Award winning creative director & writer, ft. in Wired, Inc, SF Chronicle, TNW. Founder ✨

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Joan Westenberg

Joan Westenberg

Chaotic good. Award winning creative director & writer, ft. in Wired, Inc, SF Chronicle, TNW. Founder

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