Why I believe in Polygon for decentralized creativity

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The Polygon network is built on Ethereum, which is the most widely-used and well-established blockchain platform; this gives the Polygon network a degree of credibility and security.
  • The Polygon network has a very active and engaged community, which is always working to improve the network and add new features. In a decentralized ecosystem, the community is what keeps a network alive and healthy.
  • MATIC is a utility token that has a variety of uses on the Polygon network. As a currency, it can be used to pay for transaction fees; as a utility token, it can be used to access certain features and services on the network and to unlock staking and other DeFi use-cases.
  • The Polygon network is constantly growing, with new projects being launched on a regular basis. This offers investors a lot of potential for growth.
  • The team behind the Polygon network is highly experienced and very dedicated to their project. They have a clear roadmap and are able to address issues quickly and transparently.
  • Most importantly, the limited gas fees, while still operating on Ethereum as a base, create an environment where processing micro-transactions becomes more secure, more stable, and more viable, allowing the sale and trade of goods and services to be conducted without high transaction costs. This is a big deal for the creative industries, which have been struggling with high gas fees and with the onboarding challenge of educating new users.



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